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Dasha Report creation


Dasha holds its importance in astrological description as a most important factor to help you to get equipped with required information to manage ups and downs in life with ease. With detailed Dashafal report suggestions at the disposal, it is easy to figure out how to plan the present and future events with minimum chance of encountering any loss. Therefore, Dasha predictions help to conserve energy and focus on productive works.

Dasha Report Creation

Get most accurate Dashafal report remediesprepared by a Renowned Astrologer, ACHARYA DEEPAK GAUR. The report will mention Antar-dasha, unfavorable periods and favorable with the relative influence on your life, a measure to tackle with your problem, and some tips to help you sort your situation, among many other essential facts in report as per detailed analysis of your Dasha.

Benefits of the report:-

  1. You can take smart and calculated decisions with a view of upcoming situation
  2. The Dashafal report solutions to confusions and problems are resolved with proper analysis and to take a decision accordingly.
  3. Stress due to ignorance is reduced
  4. You feel confident to take right decisions as the problems are handled with ease. This help in clear thinking and planning ahead.

Your report will comprise of:

  1. Astrological Details of the Horoscope chart
  2. Response to your question
  3. Astrological analysis of the situation
  4. Lucky measures so that you can get the advantage of (Lucky days, number, metal, time, direction and gemstone).
  5. How to make use of the report.
  6. Analysis of problem from your chart
  7. Impact of your Ascendant
  8. Impact of Your Moon Sign
  9. Career/Business, Finances, Health and Personal life.
  10. Detailed report of your Present Mahadasha
  11. What to do and What not to do
  12. Mantra and Puja Remedies
  13. The effect of different (Next) Mahadashas that will affect you
  14. Important tips for better situations

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